Mission & Vision


The Glendale Chamber serves the business community as the voice of commerce, provides programs and services to improve the economic environment for its members and supplies leadership for improving the quality of life. For area residents and newcomers, the Glendale Chamber is a reliable source for community information and a dependable resource for business referrals.


 For Glendale to have a prosperous business community.


The Glendale Chamber helps build a strong community by connecting its members to people and issues important to business success. Through Chamber programming and services, you and your business are engaged in activities that move Glendale toward a successful future.


The Glendale Chamber provides unique opportunities for business leaders to influence civic, social and business initiatives that support community growth. As the voice of the business community, the Chamber offers leadership on issues that transform our community and your business.


On behalf of its broad and diverse membership, the Glendale Chamber creates a climate of growth and success that benefits all business. Your membership investment allows your business and our community to prosper.

Guiding Principles

 The Glendale Chamber works within guiding principles of connection, initiative and stewardship.

Connection: We bring people and organizations together to support one another and advance our interests.

Initiative: We are proactive; creating, not waiting. We innovate and make things happen.

Stewardship: We are good stewards of Glendale's quality of life and business community.

The Glendale Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest business organizations in the West Valley.  The primary focus of our program of work is to promote a strong local economy; a responsibility we take very seriously.  As we all know, anyone who lives and visits our city/region recognizes the beautiful and vibrant community we have along with a rich history.  Each and every day, the Chamber Team is working to make a difference ensuring growth in businesses and working to build a better community.  We encourage you to enrich your business experience and be part of the future of Glendale by becoming involved and engaged with the Glendale Chamber of Commerce.

A Word from Our 2017 Chair of the Board

"It’s truly an exciting time to be a part of the Glendale Chamber of Commerce as we celebrate our 90th Anniversary and receive third-party accolades for the organization’s success.  The upward momentum of more than 1,200 Chamber members working together, combined with the City’s explosive growth, is inspiring. 

By staying true to our mission, the Chamber continues to offer our members business benefits and social networking opportunities, along with other services and programs – all focused on the goal of improving the economic environment. In addition, the Chamber’s ability to innovate and adapt to the needs of businesses allows everyone involved to flourish.  It’s this sense of community that’s making an impact and fostering opportunities where businesses and communities can prosper.  

Lastly, working with Robert Heidt, President and CEO, the Chamber team, as well as our impressive board of directors, I simply couldn’t be in better company. Their support, and undying enthusiasm of the entire Chamber, has me looking forward to the year ahead."

- Jean Higginbotham, 2017 Chair of the Board, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona