BIEN Information

What is BIEN?

“BIEN” means “good” or “right” in Spanish and French. It also stands for Building an International Economic Network. The site creates a business-to-business e-platform to link individual businesses across inter­national boundaries, improve cross-border freight and trade opportunities, and help businesses connect to their supply chain and distribution networks in the trade region.

BIEN is best described as a free online business-to-business service. Compa­nies in Arizona, Mexico and Canada can directly connect with each other in order to partner and grow. The ultimate goal is to improve local and regional economies on both sides of the border, leading to jobs and economic development.
BIEN is a collaborative website hosted by the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) in cooperation with the BIEN partners shown below. Additional strategic partnerships are anticipated with statewide industry groups, chambers of commerce, and organizations in Canada and Mexico.

How does it work?

When a business provides a profile about its products and services, other businesses searching the site can see what is offered and find ways to collaborate in mutually-beneficial partnerships. Such partnerships could include supplying products and/or services, assisting in cross-border marketing and word-of-mouth promotion, or simply sharing innovative ideas and approaches.

What does it take to get started?

What does it take to get started?
The site is designed as a self-reporting system. Busi­nesses of any size can add information about their company and categorize the information by industry for easy searchability. Any visitor can find businesses on the site using various search factors, including com­pany name, distance or simply the type of business. To contact the company, you will need to create a user ac­count, which requires basic information such as name, phone number, e-mail, and a password you create.

Once your profile is created, you will be given the option to add your company information. To bypass this step, just hit “cancel company registra­tion.” You can add your company information at any time by going to “My Profile.” Please note that because the goal is to improve connections among businesses to positively impact the economies of Arizona, Mexico, and Canada, only businesses located in those areas will be visible in the search results.


To accommodate our Spanish-speaking users, the site is available in Spanish. Click on the preferred language at the top of the page. When creating your company profile, you are given the option to provide descriptions in English, Spanish, or both.

How can I help promote BIEN?

The success of BIEN relies on its multitude of users. The more companies that join, the more opportunities all will have to make meaningful connections that lead to in­creased business expansion opportunities and revenue generation. This will encourage economic growth in Arizona, Mexico and Canada. We encourage you to spread the word about BIEN and provide links to the site wherever possible.
For more information, contact MAG in Phoenix, Arizona, at (602) 254-6300.